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I don't get the wrap thing at all. Its a bit of a fashion at the moment. I understand why people get the front covered for protection but it doesn't weather that well.

The Focus rs500 has been a bit of a disaster for Ford, so many people unhappy with it. You sneeze anywhere near the car and its marked with no way of removing them. Several ended up having to sell the car on as its near impossible to live with unless it lives under a sheet. The sheet will also mark it.

Most of us enjoy a good pollish up too, another thing you cant do with wraps. They will buff up a bit but nothing like a deep gloss shine of a nice paint job.

No matter how well its done its sticky back plastic at the end of the day and a good ol' british winter will soon have it falling off around the tricky bits once water and muck gets behind it.

Great on a promo or show vehicle but for a car used often in all weathers pretty poor stuff.
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