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Originally Posted by grahamc View Post
So annoying... 3500miles (road only, no track) and a nail in the rear tyre. Warning light came on the other day, said the tyre was 3 psi down compared to the others (26 VS 29psi). So over to KwikFit....... and typically a nail!

Screw is pretty much in the middle of the tyre, but the guy at KwikFit said they could not repair the runflats - is that right?

Now, I was always thinking that I wanted to change the wheels on the GTR and go down in size and some toyo r888s, but was not expecting it so quickly.

Time to go do some research on wheel and tyre options - any thoughts, places to buy, etc would be great.
Get a dynaplug and repair it without the need to take the tyre off the wheel. The other reason people like kwik fit will not repair runflats is that these tyres are a proper PITA to get off and on and the little they charge for the repair is not worth the risk or effort to do it.
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