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Originally Posted by Mookistar View Post
it's becasue if someone wants to clone a DMG car, they can simply look for a picture instead of chancing upon one in the street.

Also, if you have a nice car, for a couple of quid, the DVLA will give out your address.
Absolutely spot on mate. It's a tactic used by minor crim's (Say running around in a stolen car for a while on your plate that they took off a pic and thus not getting troubled by the growing number of ANPR's) all the way up to the big boys that want to make a dirty car (Stolen car) clean in order to use it for a specific job.

I get the OP's point re everyone see's your plate when your out etc but as has been said the leg work is now done via the internet. So much easier than driving around looking for a similar car. Apart from that they will want one out of the area in order to reduce the chance of a chance meeting with the other car.
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