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Just an update guys

The Syvecs Kit was fully released 2 weeks ago but we have not done any press release yet as we wanted to get the whole kit tested on a few big power GTR’s around the world that wanted exclusive use first. This was very useful for us, as lots of feedback from some of the biggest Gtr calibrators around the globe lead to a few firmware updates which we got on straight away and released within the week.

As all the calibrating had been done initially on a low spec GTR it was important for me to get involved personally and get some good base maps for the big power cars on ID2000 and modified heads which have less manifold vacuum which plays a big roll in the torque calculations. This obviously took a lot of time as with a full standalone kit we are pretty much going back to what most of the head calibrators at Nissan did on the stock ECM.

I managed to fit into my busy schedule a short trip to Dubai to get 2 kits tested and setup on highly modified Gtr’s and had the luxury of testing the new launch strategy.

The Launch can be completed 2 ways now.

The first method controls the ramp in effect of torque control based on Throttle opening versus ground speed which can be perfectly plotted to maximise traction and Long G.

The second method controls the ramp in effect based on ignition cut, ignition retard or fuel cut. This is much more aggressive method as allows the torque to be reduced on the ramp in but keep the turbine drive pressure and energy alive to have full boost constantly with no lag.

Here is a brief video of a tame launch with method1 with only 0.3bar and 45% throttle which was right on the limit of traction with road tyres as you can see from the log below.

Syvecs S8 GTR Kit - Soft 3000rpm Launch Control with no Ign Cut or retard - YouTube

Red = Manifold Pressure
Green = Rpm in Graph1 and Launch Switch in Graph2
Orange = Throttle angle (See how ramps in based on speed)
Purple = Vehicle Speed (Front Wheels)
Blue = Longitude G
Yellow = Wheel Spin (worked out from difference between Front and Rear wheel speeds)

All of the data in the logs can be logged up to a 1000 times a second for proper monitoring.

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