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Originally Posted by donut View Post
I need an extended warranty for end of June. Middlehust are quoting £1500 but this includes an optimization. Litchfield are quoting £1000 but need to fully inspect first which is extra unless you get the 36 month service done by them. Middlehurst 36 month is £1000 but Litchfield just under £780. Would be no brainer but just concerned re marketability if need to sell. Have to say that both costs are higher than I paid for main dealer service and warranty for previous C4s 997 !! Any further advice would be appreciated.
I would (and do) go with Litchfields. Top class customer service

As for resale it shouldn't affect residules too much.

Some would say that an enthusiast looking for a well maintained car would prefer a Litchfield service history due to the fact that they do things properly with care and attention.

Some would say that people prefer a full HPC histroy.

To be honest though if you switch to an independent all the money you save on servicing will be more than any affect of residual value. The only problem is though once you get to Litchfields you may find that you come out with more than a's all to easy to get bitten by the modding bug!
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