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Originally Posted by Chris1049 View Post
Yup, stick a grand a year under the mattress. That'll pay for most jobs that need doing.

I'm happy for no warranty and I'll keep the car a few years so we'll see if I end up eating my words or enjoying the fact that I saved thousands of pounds.

Yearly servicing for me to. Well chuffed.
I'm not sure £1000 each year under you bed would help if your gearbox gave up or the audio head unit packed in (quoted £7000 by NHPC to replace). I get what your saying but would you do the same with your £800/year for your car insurance (if it wasn't compulsary) if it helped you out with the odd scrape or broken window to pinch your laptop. Get your car nicked and you will be glad you took it out.

I think it also depends on how long you keep your cars. I know that selling a car with a warranty is lot easier and indeed, may add value, to the car you are selling. I think the GTRs parts costs are quite well known so many people looking to buy one will look for one with a warranty and will pay that little bit extra. I've had my fair share of M3's in the past and so knew the E46 market quite well back then. Having the extended warranty on a 3.5 year old car would of added the cost of the warranty onto the price of your car. If you were selling cars often, it was free in a sense.
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