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[QUOTE=Chris1049;1617891]Your similar to me with usage. Realistically no it doesn't need new oil if it's only done 3k miles this is why I'm actually glad the warranty ends this year. Whenever people mention possible issues it's always £10k gearbox's. Are they really that likely to fail?

I'll take my chances. If my car costs me a few hundred here and there then so be it. I'm personally not comfortable with paying £1000/£1500 just for piece of mind.

I have a focus rs just coming out of warranty. Bought it new, not had a spanner on it. Lots of guys on the rs forums are discussing this subject too. I guess if your doing 20000 miles a year then your far more likely to have failures so it may be an option to consider.

I'm impressed with the build quality of the GTR so I'm thinking it'll be just fine.[
Your right mate the car is solid my only concern really is the bell housing
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