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We're proud to be the main distributor & stockist for TrackLab Performance: TrackLab Performance Solutions
These are State of the Art 100% Prepeg Carbon fiber.

TrackLab Carbon Prepreg Intake kit for GT-R replaces the plastic factory airboxes located in the engine bay for relocated High Flow Air filters.
TrackLab Intake kit combines large High Flow Air filters with the optimum location behind the front grill to provide consistent air flow and stable intake temperatures.
This Intakes kit features what is possibly one of the largest filters you can fit to the GT-R35, starting with 76mm (3") intake entry pipes reduced to 70mm before the Turbo Inlet pipes.
Featuring a unique "2 Stage" design, each pipe diameter is ideally placed to get the perfect velocity for performance while reducing turbulances for a clean smooth and constant MAF reading for these with small mods while being ok to go way above 1035whp.
These were designed and tested to endure high boost pressure and are made of several layers of 100% Prepreg Carbon fiber.

The Intercooler Upper Pipe kit for the GT-R35 replaces the factory short pipes and long hoses for longer and stronger Prepreg pipes and Silicone hoses.
These come with 3-ply High quality Silicone hoses custom made in UK.
The pipes feature hand fitted CNC Billet inserts for the sensors and the blow-off valve flanges (OE design for OE fitment or Aftermarket BOV).
The blow-off valve flange is carefully fitted to port match the factory metal gasket to offer ideal fitment.
These Carbon Prepeg pipes and hoses are designed as a straight replacement to the factory I/C Upper pipes offering a more secure and reliable fitment.

Beside the style, weight reduction, added performance and high quality of these materials, one of the key features is an impressive and noticeable resistance to heat soak.
The weave construction of the fiber offers unique properties, diffusing heat and limiting the heat transfer.
It limits heat from the engine bay and its thermal calories to get to the air cooled from the intercooler to your engine.
It will keep the air cooler longer and preserve the performance of your GT-R.

1425 GBP for the full kit
600 GBP for the intake kit
825 GBP for the upper ic kit

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