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The message translated is "VDC System is Malfunctioning Please check at the next service centre immediately"

If we had official vehicles it would be an easy fix (warranty/dealer) but we have scam shops in HK and from what I have read it could a simple thing like a low battery, brake fluid needs topping up or more serious ABS pump need replacing which will cost $$$.

If anyone has had experience with the VDC off Light ON + Slip Light ON + Triangle Warning ON together with the above message, really really appreciate your input as I really like the guys car.

Background - This seller has like 6 cars including SLS, Avantador, F458, F430 Scuderia, 991. I'm hoping this error with the GTR may have something to do with him leaving the vehicle for extended periods in the carpark.

Once again really appreciate some input.

P.S. Owning a GTR is not fun in HK as say in the UK where your have great tuners like Litchfield / GTC who are straight hitters and warrantied vehicles with HPC. In HK I find they don't want to tell you the real issue or share information. I paid for the dame inspection today at a HK tuner and I called to ask for the error code, but the guy just would not give it to me, just said it cost $x to fix. Honestly, I don't really trust them as when he quoted me for the inspection it was 100GBP and then when I came to paying he said it should be 150GBP
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