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Originally Posted by rob wild View Post
I know its frustrating, I went to see 10 or more GTR's when I was buying earlier in the year and I was tempted by a number, but walked away because I was upset by the condition of them! As said above if it was a minor fix why hasn't it been fixed? If there is no warranty and no trust worthy garages its just not worth it! Keep looking one will turn up that is right!
yes, I'm getting a little frustrated in calling, viewing, testing and repeating the process. I was hoping this may just be that a ABS pump fix and we would be ok.

I did find a ABS pump from ebay for like 350GBP, do you think its worth the risk in getting this car if this is the only issue with the vehicle? If I proceed I will get the car re-inspected and double check the error code from the local GTR guru thats trusty?

Regarding warranty, 99% of HK GTR's have non as the local Nissan importer didn't import the car until JDM MY11 and MY12. All of the vehicles I get to see locally are either 2008 or you will need to jump to 2011/2012. 2011/12 are abt the same price as a used Lambo Gallardo in HK. (not saying I would prefer the lambo, just they aren't cheap)

I do have an option, there is a local UK GTR MY09 reg. 2010 forsale and if this does not pan out I will buy that one although its abt 15K GBP more. Run like 4000 miles and mint.

The 08 car is mint, has most of the mods I want (not excessive) and is beautifully priced with 10,000km (abt 6000 miles).

What do you think?
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