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Intakes and R600 tunes are very popular lately

We went though a few design tweeks but now very happy with latest intake for calibration (closely follows oem maf curve), fitment, performance and price.

Almost ever tune on OEM air boxes to 14psi will hit 4.8v MAF resolution with celling being 5.0V but you'll want some head room. Although the OEM airboxes are a very good design and the best filtration from dirt sadly slightly too small when using the maf based mapping.

Intake design (position of MAF, diameter and filter choice) is important, we have mapped every design out there many are very similar as only so much space to work with. Have my favourites and some owners i'll have to advise it won't map well.

Maf on a bend doesn't work. Not keen an maf too close to filter and inside engine bay

logs on these two were horrible with 130% correction at one maf v and 80% at the next

Have mapped quite a few HKS Racing suction, they are expensive £1,100 + and hit 4.8v with 14psi, also wouldn't want a foam filter this thin

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