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Been busy making a plywood mould for my cooler duct....coming along nicely... Will post pics up when its done.
Thought I had nothing better to do yesterday than but some S/U/L and flush the boot part of the system through to get any debris etc out of the tank/swirl pot/lines. Connected battery, activated master and switched on IGN only to find the pumps spinning for around 2s before shutting off!!!....Now the funny thing was, when I checked all the connections immediately after initial wiring, I only flicked the ignition on for a second so I wouldnt damage the pumps. I assumed that as they were working, everything was OK and left it at that!. Now the way I wired the relays up, the ground for the feeds is via ECU (Pin 18 IIRC..the brown/pink wire). It seems that this is only a momentary ground and switches off after a couple of seconds!!!
So, after cutting this wire and grounding straight to the chassis, everything is fine once again....

Had to undo the rear ARB so I could get in with the drill to finish of the rear fuel cooler mount. While it was off I remembered Mark (Abbey Mark ) saying he thought the solid rear ARB linkages I made up were a bit suspect and recommended I change that end I have bought some rod ends and LH/RH threaded rod to make PROPER turnbuckles.
So, having ordered
4x(2 R/H, 2 L/H)

Some boots..


and stainless threaded rod...

I can now crack on and do what I was going to do in the first place... Just need to make up some U-shaped mounting brackets and I can put that job to bed.

On another note, I was having some difficulty in working out how I was going to tighten up the underfloor fittings which attach to the bulkhead fittings for the fuel feed and return lines. Space is VERY limited and spanners are a non-starter. Had a brainwave and bought some 7/8"(for the -8AN fittings) and a 1" (for the -10AN fittings) crow foot wrenches. Man, I cannot believe, even as an ex-mechanic that I had not discovered these earlier..they do the job perfectly and are AWESOME!!!

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