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Originally Posted by RichF-R35 View Post
Hi, IMO 0-100mph for stage 4 would be 6.5, you will need stage 5 to get 5.5.

Obviously stage 5 got me to 5.5 to 100, but I'm not so sure you can just say that stage 5 will get you there.

Mine is running an extreme level of stage 5 (770bhp and 710lbft) which is not the typical stage 5 I would expect people to happy to run on a long term basis. I acknowledge that I may be on borrowed time with the rods if I were to be using it in anger all the time.

On top of that, I have LC4 from the factory, that some people think differs from retrofitted LC4/5. I couldn't say how much of a part it plays.

I will say I was very surprised at the numbers my car put down. I would like to think they could be repeated improved upon, but I'm not sure I'd take them as gospel for a stage 5.

Having said the above, the numbers I got were the last of about 4 runs I did to achieve it, and the only one where I got a proper hook up and bothered to keep going beyond 100mph. Despite that, all the runs were sub 3 to 60.

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