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Been working away over the past few nights making up a replacement coil loom. Removed the ignition amp connector from the end of the coil harness and replaced with an 8-way Deutsch connector I had available. I then used some 16AWG ETFE sheathed wire and ran 6 new lines into passengers footwell for subsequent connection to ECU. I protected the 6 wires with an initial covering of adhesive-lined heatshrink with a Raychem DR-25 outer covering......looks very professional if I do say so myself. Just shows I CAN do proper wiring jobs when I put my mind to it!!!

Then got about removing the stock injector wiring. As I will be using ID1000 injectors (for which I already have the connectors) I was always going to replace the wiring anyway. I set about removing the stock wires from the ECU end as well as tracing them back to the resistor pack (long gone!!). There's a fair amount of wiring there....

So, I noticed there are 2 gauges of wire used for the injectors, the thicker obviously for the power signal and the smaller being the ECU earthing signal. I intend to use 12AWG PVC sheathed wire for the new power signal and 18AWG for the ECU wires. Just need now to find the stock power wire from the fusible link and make a 6-way split to join with each individual injector power wire. I will then do the same job of covering in 2 layers of heatshrink for protection.

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