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Pic of water pressure sensor installed...

Got it at a very good price from Auber Instruments . Considering that I was looking at spending around £110 for an AEM 5-BAR sensor, this one was positively peanuts!!!

Also got around to modifying my rear brake line to accept a tee for the rear pressure sensor...

Plugged it with a bleed nipple as I'm still waiting on the sensors themselves. Already sorted out the connectors etc from RS components. As they are common Bosch sensors (pt no 0 265 005 303) getting the right connectors was dead easy as it tells you on the Bosch spec sheet

Also got around to tidying some wires and stuff in the back, behind the seats so looking a good deal better. I REALLY would like to take it away somewhere and have it all rewired properly in a motorsport fashion but my main priority is getting the bloody thing going first. Luckily there is a company quite close by whose wiring services I can call on when the time comes!

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