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Originally Posted by tarmac terror View Post
Have been looking at suspension pots recently TBH (although I tend to get my stuff from M-cal)....some used ones came up recently but the seller has gone quiet .
I agree, steering angle is fundamental to analysis....I've got a good idea of how I would make a sensing system but I've not really devoted too much thought to it at the minute. Once I get the critical things out of the way I'll return to it. A rotary pot , a couple of gear wheels and a small toothed belt should do the trick

Probably getting a bit too carried away with all the data gathering....although I work on the premise that more data is better then no data. Will be pitot sensors next

This is the rotary pot I am using on mine, fits into the top of the steering rack but for proper data analysis of steering inputs and getting an overall picture of the handling of the car ie front to rear balance and how much correction is needed on entry mid corner and exit its a valuable tool.

I have also seen a geared rotary pot setup as below which would be a better option for the Skyline, just mount it below along the steering wheel column.

Creating custom math channels is tough, but when it all works its great fun!
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