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Originally Posted by Ja5on View Post

To the OP you can't go wrong with any of the tuners on here
I'd disagree with that.

Bad reviews have a habit of being suppressed and I suspect every tuner has had unhappy customers.

There's a great saying that says: You don't know what you don't know.

My vote goes to litchfield, but Iain himself had to earn my trust and did that by being consistent across many platforms over more than a decade. I suspect if you surveyed owners on here, as a company litchfield would have the most gtr tuning experience on here (measurable in ecutek licenses very easily). He's also supported and developed products with the same great tuning brands from the beginning and now others are jumping on the bandwagon.

Eg. Ecutek is now very much at the forefront, Alcon brakes, they developed the pilot supersport with Michelin, they were using ASNU literally three years before everyone else decided they were the best option.

I think they innovate best. They have worked with oem manufacturers to produce their Bilstein and Eibsch suspension and recently were the first in the world to put Borg Warner efr turbos into a gtr.

These are just my reasons for liking them. They've recently tuned Robb Huff,the touring car world champion's car, and I gather he's happy with the modifications made. I also know that a lot of his products have been developed with the help if great minds in the F1 industry, and it shows in the final products.

So, that's my bias out of the way, I'm also a fan of Antony at indigo gt, he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever deal with and has been doing this for years.

I've not dealt with SVM, but you can't deny the performance barriers they've broken through, constantly bringing drag times down and top speeds up - they're a very dedicated team.

For mapping alone, Ben Linney has plenty of experience and then there's the very well respected Ryan G, who is directly involved with the production of the syvecs ecu which controls all the very fastest gtrs in the world but is also more than capable of mapping any platform, including Cobb and ecutek.

Then look through at the quality of both builds in the projects section done by SRD. Also established and very capable. The pictures alone show you their level of attention to detail.

In short most can do what you need. Sone better than others, but the best way to decide is read a lot of posts. Starting a thread is just going to get fanboys (including me) to post - pick who I picked.

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