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Surrey Rolling Road -URGENT

Hi all,

I have been reading this forum for a couple of years now and it seems that Surrey Rolling Road (SRR) is a great resource for GT-R owners and the go to place for anyone in the South East wanting to get the real world numbers for their tuned car.

I came to know Charlie through TVR ownership having used SRR, many morning hoons and a fair few boozy nights out - he's a top chap with a cracking business as I'm sure all those that know him will agree.

He needs our help.

Charlie has received 2 month notice on his unit; the landlord has used a break clause in their contract to essentially evict SRR so they can make more money from the entire site (Charlie's contract had a few more years to run).

There is little he can do to fight it having already been in touch with their CEO and a legal fight is beyond his budget.

Do you know of any units in Surrey that would be suitable for this type of unique business?

Clearly due to the noise, fumes and chattering petrolheads there are few places that would take SRR - can you help?

Charlie needs 2000 sq/ft @ around £15k p/a

I will update him on anything that looks promising from this thread and I am sure many of you already have his contact details to call him directly.

Let's not lose a great resource.

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