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Official Nismo and MY14 Launch inc. LIVE STREAM!!

Ok folks so here is the official information and link for the launch tomorrow.

Huge thank you to Nissan Motor GB for supplying this info so all can watch the unveil live. I am now going to have to ditch Microsoft meeting - not sure how I explain to them I want to watch a car video instead ;-)

Tomorrow morning at 09:30am GMT the MY14 GT-R will be unveiled.

Tuesday 19th, GT-R Reveal:
9.30 = GT-R video
9:36 = CEO arrives in GT-R driven by Krumm
9:39 = CEO Speech
9:52 = CEO Photo session

Streaming will be 1 channel stream. L: English audio, R: Japanese audio.

The anticipated URL will be:
NISSAN NEWSROOM on USTREAM: News and events from Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. . Overig nieuws

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