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Originally Posted by trondhla View Post
Price for NISMO is £130 000 a piece according to this:
Nissan GT-R Nismo: first pictures leaked | Autocar

Tuning for a fraction of the price will achieve the same performance
Not sure I agree - Carbon Ceramic Brakes (if they are included) and the aero development alone is pretty hard for an aftermarket to achieve for a fraction. Also depends what you mean by a fraction as tuning to big power is very different from aero, brakes, cooling and balance from a manufacturer researched program. Yes a stage 4 is £5K on top of the car but then you add brakes, suspension, interior, aero, wheels etc and you easily get to £25K+ and no warranty......

Certainly with upgraded turbos etc you can get some of the raw numbers performance though I agree.

Leaked prices I have seen today are 'less than £120,000' and 'up to £140,000' so we only have to wait until tomorrow for the speculation to end.
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