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Originally Posted by Stevie76 View Post
I do think they are having a bit of a laugh with the pricing.....this is only going to be worth that for the 'rare' element only surely. For 99.9% of us you could easily create a car with litchfield suspension, Alcon setup, some better seats and a stage 4.25 for the money you are talking about here and save a chunk of cash. Don't get me wrong if i had the cash I would probably consider it for the rare value but on push value per £ merits i am not sure even at £120K this is a good proposition.

I do absolutely love all this stuff though and hope Nissan keep them coming....makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing that i got such a good deal when i bought mine and my mods make it the performance bargain of the century.

Now lets pester those who can to make some copy front and rear ends and jobs a good one
Yes indeed we could and many will but I think we are forgetting the point that this 'appears' to be a car that any one (with the cash) can buy without having the money/willingness/enthusiasm to take a car and change it which, let's face it, most people don't.

I am really excited to see this, and the rumoured 'new' interior which, for me is the best thing as a 595 stock car is going to actually be pretty close to a Stage 4 as they were all way over quoted BHP with a warranty and at a fraction of NISMO price.

As soon as we get OFFICIAL updates from Nissan GB then I will post them up as and when the info arrives/embargo lifts. Any official documents will be posted on GTROC site and linked to so all can see.
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