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Originally Posted by Trevgtr View Post
Haha, Keiran said he wanted to meet his mate at Mcds in Weymouth and he'd seen a white GTR there, so I thought.. white GTR / Weymouth.. good chance it'll be Dean, nice to meet you too, can't believe I met someone that spends more on petrol than me notice I pulled away gently when I left, didn't wanna be a bad influence on the younger boy racers, ahem..

That coastal road from Bridport to Weymouth seems like a great driving road, although was going fairly easy cos it was the first time I'd drove it, but better fun than my usual roads around here. Car is filthy now after driving home in all that rock salt at 7c, anyone would think they're expecting the next ice age, what a waste of money and time!
Your car sounded like heaven pulling away Beautiful, as for that Bridport coast road i never touch that road ever since i hit a deer on it a few years ago
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