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Originally Posted by Evo9lution View Post
Dean, you must surely be aware that there's a long-standing joke that any loud or chavvy or boy-racer-type or Japanese-tuner-type car that is parked outside a McDonalds will be there with the youths for an impromptu rev-off? And, if one's spotted at a McDonalds then people will take the p1ss?

You need to be a little less sensitive mate. People like to yank other's chains on forums and the banter is (99% of the time) just good, honest fun.

Anyway, is the car running correctly now?
Of course, after Flynns antics ive managed to realise the worst

Its not a case of parking with boy racers, but more of a case of ive only just got the car technically as its been away at MH most my ownership, and i cant not be in it, call it the honeymoon period or what you like, but i love being in the car and driving it and going to the car parks to watch the kids admire the car.

Like i mentioned on another thread, where i said i would assume most GTR owners would be snobby and from a nice background with wealth etc, which was defended very quickly by users commenting about they never judge and also from working class etc etc, and i fear my comment may be proved right if users start coming in here and looking down on me for being out late in the car and parking at mcdonalds End of the day im not going to change who i am or how i act just because ive got an expensive car, i will still talk and act the same to people and friends like i always have regardless of my current status.
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