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Originally Posted by EAndy View Post
Thats fair enough you shouldn't change for anyone or a car.

If handing around at McDonalds late at night is your sort of thing then no-one should be judging you but I wouldn't let it bother you if they do.

I'm just 2 years older but am family bound now but when I was your age, I was more into women, clubs, pubs, drinking, travelling for lads weekends, stupid antics etc and I'm sure there were people judging me the same way thinking what a fool. But for me I preferred that sort of thing than a freezing car park with lots of young kids around eating burgers.

However, if McDonalds at night is your thing then stick to it, after all it is your life and if thats the sort of thing you enjoy then so be it
But i dont actually hang around in that kind of way, i only go there to let the younger guys see and admire the car, they like it and of course at the same time makes me feel good. But as ive only just got the car properly im using any excuse to be able to drive it lol.

I dont drink for over a decade now, and already happy with a family, so all this drinking falling over, being sick, falling asleep in a curb, arguing, fighting does not interest me in the slightest, i would much prefer to talk cars in a relaxed non idiotic non drunk atmosphere. But each to their own.
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