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You say you don't go to McDonalds to hang around in that kinda way but then follow straight on with you go to let younger guys see and admire the car isn't that the ideal of the McDonalds crew and what I said about standing around in a freezing cold car park?

Sorry if I'm sounding pedantic I just don't have any knowledge of what actually goes on at 10pm - 2am at McDonalds car parks but see the cars usually parked up in them if I past by so your actually educating me.

Regarding drinking, falling over, being sick, falling asleep on curbs I can fully understand your reasoning to not drinking if this is the state of mind you used to get into or friends around did as it sounds like an awful night out. I can assure you that the venues I generally go to or places in Europe its nothing like your perception.

Maybe I need to broaden my horizons, this Friday I will participate in an experiment when I head to McDonalds at 11pm and report back with my findings on the on-goings in this dark and secret world
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