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Originally Posted by SamboGrove View Post
Hope you get this sorted buddy.

Touch wood not had any of my cars keyed but my lady has had her wing mirror kicked off. Some people are just complete dicks.
Speaking of wing mirror...

A couple of years ago I was out with my friend, uneventful night. Driving home (I don't drink) in my A3 with the windows down and all of a sudden BOOM! a fist comes flying into the window and smacks my mate in the face then the guy runs off.

we are like what the **** was that about, so we put the windows up and carry on. Then we are stopped at traffic lights and some old beat up saloon car comes flying up beside me and 6 guys jump out... first guy at my car boots my wingmirror off and I just hammer it away and don't see them again.

Totally random attack, the only reason I can think is cause two young guys were in a nice car.
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