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Ricky Elder
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Originally Posted by goldgtr35 View Post
Mine was a 61 plate but went straight on a private plate,,
What pisses you more than anything Audi denying that they never had a problem,,, utter joke,
They gave me 2 R8 curtisey cars when mine was in for more remedial work.
The first car broke down within 5 miles of their garage and the second inlet manifolds were drawing air in balance and had all light on dash come up. Take directly to your nearest dealer,
I still own a Audi TT bought that new and still a good car,
Also got a A4 avant my wife daily driver,
And as for Lamborghini making super cars forever why does Audi deny the engine is not a Lamborghini lump..
They never tell the truth tipical motor trader style,
Regards Goldie
Sounds like you had real bad luck buddy! Very sad....

Audi/Lambo worked together for years before they were bought....the 5 litre was majority Audi.

The problem with the V10 was Audi used one italian part on the new engine.....guess what caused the problems?? lol
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