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As I said before,, got another 2 Audis on the drive, so I'm not anti Audi,
But I've been painting them for about twenty years now and I know many of the Audi down falls, D turbo engines going bang, A4 Cab number plate lights falling out of cars, petrol filler flaps not opening, I could make I list as long as your arm but that's boring, the R8 has more than the Italian bit in the engine wrong with it, for Audi UK to give me a full refund and asked to sign a bit of paper in case the new owner bought my old car, to keep me quiet,
When the car went back the final time, they said they would build me a new one to my new spec I wanted,
I ordered the same car but in yellow, yes yellow to match my Ferrari, it was I thought ordered for 3weeks when I got a phone call from my local Audi dealership and asked if I could pop in on my way home,
Went in see the director of the complete firm, ( who is a personal friend)
And was informed Audi uk wouldn't build the car as I wanted yellow,
My come back was , so you have no confidence in your own build quality,,
He just struggled his shoulders and said I'll get a cheque in the post,,
Think the cheque took 3 months to come through,,
Think they had to have a whip round,,,

Ps mine wasn't a one off,, R8 chat tells the whole story of numerous unhappy customers,
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