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Not Just Your Average Newbie........

Hello from the GrammarPolice

Long time browser first time poster.

I have been reading this forum for the past 6 months to build up my knowledge of the R35 in order to aid me in a future purchase, sooner rather than later I hope.

I have enjoyed some characters more than others but as a group, you are all a class act! Bar that one person having a personal fight with Mook and Toni.

I have closely followed the projects section, with my stand out being Adamantiums car and splking (hope I've spelt those correctly, oh the irony). Both cars are absolutely fantastic and I have actually seen the latter a few times in Harley Street, up from my mums work (no. 10). In the flesh it is a beast, the brakes look phenomenal so a big thumbs up.

Before I get too carried away, I thought I would join and get to know a few of you better and maybe attend a meeting/gathering at some point! (The Ace Cafe one looks good if anyone would like a passenger and lives in north london ).

After all the debates regarding grammar on this forum (see DeanKenny) I thought it would be fitting to be the judge .

Finally, a big Merry Christmas to everyone and a happy new year!

Yours Truly

N.B - DeanKenny I'm just pulling your leg. Any queries please contact me..........I doubt I will reply but it's worth a try right?

Also, spot the mistakes, the winner gets a prize........
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