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A bit of tinkering today and the fan is fully fitted!! Just need to wire it up......unfortunately it's a 2-speed fan and there were no wiring instructions so I will contact Kenlowe tomorrow. Normally an electric fan would be a no-brainer but there are 3 wires from the motor, a black (pretty obvious), a grey and an orangey one. Again, it doesn't take a genius to work out that one is low speed and the other is high. A quick battery test would show it but I'd rather have the proper wiring diagram in front of me just in case there are any surprises!!

Picked up the injectors.....

During trial fitting I noticed that the lower seals that come with the injectors are too big to fit into the recesses in the inlet manifold. They LOOK the same as the OEM ones and I originally thought that they would be a snug fit but they are a good bit bigger after careful measurement. You can see them in the pic above.
Looking at some images of ID1000's I see that some come with a fat lower o-ring....

I suppose that could work on an RB26 but I'd personally prefer the thicker rubber seals.

What I then did was use the OEM seals I had which seemed to work out fine. They were tight around the injector body and snug in the manifold. Some of the originals were a bit worse for wear anyway and the rubber had become a bit brittle. I shall order a set of OEM lower seals and go from there..

Anyone who has used ID1000's on RB26 care to tell me what they used on the lower part of the injector?? OEM seals or O-rings??

Surprisingly, the injectors came with plugs (which I hadn't read in the advert)!!. While this was welcome, I had, unfortunately, already bought the correct USCAR connectors months ago in preparation so if anyone would like a set of brand new plugs, pins and seals then get in touch.

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