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Originally Posted by tarmac terror View Post
So, fitting the fan turned out to be a drama......surprise, surprise! Every job seems to be a nightmare at the moment....

Turns out I had a bit of a brain fart with the fan. The one I had ordered previously was a tapered design with it being 35mm at the edge and increasing to 60-odd mm at the centre. The NEW fan I ordered, the Kenlowe one, turns out to be around 60-odd mm right across its diameter. this meant that there was NO WAY that it could be accommodated behind the radiator which was where I wanted it. On the plus side, with a little fettling, it JUST fits in front beside the oil cooler!!..


rather tight but they both fit. The fan is touching the rad so the spill is reduced.

Just need to secure the top of the fan (which I'm in the process of making brackets up for) and the oil cooler and I can get it all connected and refilled with water. Then I have the joy of wiring it all up!!

Missed the courier today so I shall pick up my injectors tomorrow too. If I'm feeling motivated I'll have both jobs done!!

What way is that fan going to blow?
Based on the pic it looks like it is going to suck air through the radiator, in a forwards direction with respect to the car.
This might adversely the airflow through the radiator if it operates when you are moving forward.
Of course it is more for when you are stationary, it should be ok then.

Just something to think about!
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