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Originally Posted by Swobber View Post
I was thinking about your wire-hell the other day when i was redoing the harness on an old BMW im restoring for a friend.

You Can see it in the album below.

Looks very factory, very clean and is a simple job to do (did most of it yesterday evening but forgot photos). I just use 19mm fabric tape from colorplast ... Like this one Fabric adhesive tape (L x W) 10 m x 19 mm Black Acrylic coated rayon fabric 16781 Coroplast from Conrad Electronic UK

Photo album
Thanks for the links....very useful!

Have to say though, after speaking with Max Mosam (of Bremax) at Autosport at the weekend about PDU's and suchlike, I can see me going down this road sooner rather than later. I reckon a Motec PDM30 would fit the bill nicely!!. Its pricey but when you take into account the parts and labour of having it professionally rewired with fuses, relays etc then it all starts to make a bit more economic sense not to mention the whole host of other benefits a PDU solution offers!!!

Was out at the garage earlier doing some tidying and decided I couldn't wait any longer so got stuck in fitting the injectors and rail.....

Injectors in along with new OEM lower seals.

Rail on and tightened.

Just need to reconnect the rail feeds and return and terminate the injector plugs and that's another job put to bed!!

Next item is the fan!!
Spoke to the guys at Kenlowe the other day and they were very helpful indeed! The 3 wires (Black, Grey and Orangey/Brown) are wired in such a way in that black is earth (obvious!), Grey feeds the low speed circuit and Orange brown feeds the high speed circuit. Thing is though that for the high speed to work, the low speed still has to be energised. As I ONLY want high speed operation, I will need to join the Grey and Orange wires and connect them to the relay with 8AWG wire. Not a massive sweat as I had purchased a 30A fused relay. However I bought a relay holder and the uninsulated terminals wont accomodate the 8AWG wire!! Will have to have a look and see if someone does compatible terminals!!

Im starting to feel like I'm making progress again at last!!!

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