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Managed a bit of garage time today which saw the injector plugs terminated, the intercooler and the bumper back on....

Glad the fuel systems all back together again! It seemed like a backward step removing the rail etc but now I have some nice new 1000cc injectors, plugs and wiring so I'm in a much better place!.....

A small modification to the wiring cover to allow new wiring some extra protection...

Replaced the breather and fuel return hoses and voila!!, back to some sort of normality under the bonnet.....

Once I had sorted all that lot out I finished repositioning the oil cooler (slightly right of where it was originally due to the new leccy fan) and refitting the intercooler...

Looks a bit busy down there but I reckon I shouldn't have any cooling issues on track! Got the bumper back on and just have to fabricate a centre stay for the intercooler seeing as the original centre support is now gone. This also meant that I had to reposition the horn which now lives under the radiator drain plug
All looks back to normal!.....

Next few jobs are just silly things really like wiring the fan, sorting out a new fuel cooler air feed scoop (as the alloy bell-mouth I got sits too low). Will get a low-profile rectangular one like this.....

At Autosport I caught up with the guys from Race Technology...have been having slight issues with my dash and logger so will have to send them both back for diagnostics. Having cast an eye over the new Dash2 Pro, should my dash and logger be deemed as U/S then I might get a Pro which has logging on board as well as a CAN link for ECU. Very nice bit of kit but we'll see what's wrong with my current stuff first.

Lastly, I have bought myself a steel single-piece prop. Its something I've toyed with for a while now and I'm glad this one came up when it did. Should get that picked up next week and fitted soon after. Shame its not carbon but I'll see how I get on with this one..

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