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Originally Posted by MedwayJ View Post
Hello, I do not own a Nissan GTR but I one day aspire to. It's been my favourite car for a very long time and I've spotted quite a few around my area (Southampton).

I bet you get asked this quite often, but do people do ride alongs? Like take a massive R35 fan out in their car like me?

Sounds cheeky I know but it's my favourite car and i'd love the opportunity.

I live in Southampton. Was just wondering so no hate please

Thanks a lot
It sounds like the most lovely thing to do for someone right, well right up until they pull a blade on you and try to take the car. Not so sure the insurance company would like the idea of taking someone out for a drive and letting them take the car from inside. I do hope your a genuine person but please be aware that many are not so. Maybe you should stick around the forum, make some friends and attend a few meets, you never know, you may get lucky
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