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Considering selling my stage 4 GT-R - but how much?

Hi all, after almost 2 years of very enjoyable ownership, it is approaching sale time. The car in my mind is almost flawless and very versatile in that I was able to enjoy it with both my kids in the back. Kids are now 4 and 2 and space behind my seat is just not enough for comfort plus the boot not big enough for the longer trips. So now considering an RS6 for the practicality but retaining some of the thrill.

What I don't know is what is a realistic number to aim for when advertising. I'd rather not put it back to standard as I feel it is pretty perfect as it is. I'd be really grateful for some suggestions on price as haven't been around on the forum in a while, so don't know what similarly specced cars have been sold for.

Spec is:
  • '59 Reg MY09 DMG Premium with HDD Nav, rear sensors/camera, bluetooth etc
  • 34.5k miles (I am the third owner and had it since 23k miles)
  • Service history Nissan up to 23k miles and since then Litchfield and Kaizer motors
  • Stage 4 Litchfield upgrade (air intakes, Miltek Y-pipe and rear exhaust section, 1100cc Bosch injectors, ECUtek custom mapped by Ian with latest versions around a month ago)
  • Litchfield Bellhousing - absolutely no vibrations or issues with this as opposed to the useless Nissan solution
  • Gearbox Circlips
  • Full Litchfield suspension upgrade and antiroll bar (fitted a month ago)
  • Brakes are all essentially brand new with new AP discs and pads in November (less than 2k miles ago) and tyres are MPSS with 5+ mm tread left all-round.

Any thoughts on how to price would be welcome.

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