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Thanks guys, useful info so far. I have thought about removing the suspension but it's a shame as the car is far better with it. I don't know how much a nearly new Lichfield kit would go for and the labour is in the £600 mark I believe.

In terms of the why sell a month after a suspension upgrade, it was a toss up of either keep the car and mod to the 800-850 mark or go for something new. I know I'll miss it terribly as I adore it but it really annoys me having my 2 year old really squashed behind my seat and the kids seem to require more and more things (bikes, scooters etc) which simply don't fit when going on longer trips. This problem seems to have exacerbated in the last 2 months or so hence the thoughts of sale. Yes I admit it was silly getting the suspension installed so recently only to decide now to sell. However I'd be selling in May most likely just after the next service.
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