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Originally Posted by Conrad View Post
A cooler charge will always yield more power. I'm just in the process of doing my own stage 4 and will be upgrading the intercooler after it as well.
Not sure I agree with this conrad for a few reasons.

There is an optimal charge temperature for atomisation of fuel within the charge. Below and above this you can get incomplete combustion which costs you power.

In general it's true but other factors mean it's only a rule of thumb.

In addition it could mislead people into thinking they have all the facts needed for assessment. Anyone looking at an intercooler should make sure to look at the pressure drop across the core too.

You could find the most incredible temperature drop also has a pressure drop of 0.1 bar. That means for the boost outlet pressure the turbo has to supply an extra 0.1 bar.

If you have a turbo that is struggling already, the extra 0.1 bar may have a serious effect on compressor efficiency. That means the incoming air temperature could increase by much more than the temperature drop gains of what you perceive to be the "best" intercooler. The problem is primarily that the intercooler needs to be suited to the application and turbo choice of the car to which it is being fitted, rather than compared based on standardised bench testing.

To be fair, where the GT-R is concerned, if you are looking at standard staged upgrades and given the pretty small pool of turbos we generally choose from, generic advice on what's better or best is probably going to hold water, I just want people to make sure they have their eyes open when considering options.

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