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The car NELLEE bought was mine and personally i think it is worth every penny of what he paid,but then yes of course i would say that.
When pricing my car i looked in the pistonheads classifieds to get an idea of what they are going for and feel mine was very fairly priced.
If you look there now there are only 3 cars slightly cheaper than what mine sold for,all with far higher mileage and probably nowhere near as tidy.
Like i said Neil,it wouldve helped if you had viewed a few other cars first and you would've realised the kind of crap that is for sale out there. I still cant believe some of the rubbish i looked at and that was two years ago!

As far as im concerened the only way to say what a car is worth is to see what similar age/spec cars are selling for and not what people on a forum say.
And even then you cant really compare like for like untill you actually go and look at the cars in person.
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