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Thinking of coming back

Well after selling my 2009 a couple of years ago i'm thinking of coming back into the fold. Went to a dealer recently to see the new 2014 model, interior seems to be a lot nicer and obviously there's been a power hike but I was left a little disappointed by the dealers response to some questions, seems like Nissan have learnt nothing about customer service which was of the main reasons I sold up before.

I asked if they still had an issue with brake discs cracking which was met with the same response they were giving 5 years ago "yes if you track it or drive it too hard" it too hard WTF ?

I see they now give 3 years "free" servicing and the intervals are longer, well they would be wouldn't they if the customer isn't paying.

So I guess what i'm asking is, at £78k with many of the same issues that existed 5 years ago, brakes, soft paint, dealer BS I better off going for a 2011/12 and throwing some money at Litchfield's ? I remember the transformation on my 2009 with just a y pipe and a remap.

The one thing the dealer said that did make me think it could be worth going new was that the 2014's are a lot quieter in terms of road noise ?
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