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If you actually recall the explanation; what big M said was that in order to get maximum traction on the selected 20inch wheels you need about 1600kg, for all weather snow and other technical reasons etc you need about 1800kgs.

If you have an f1 car that weight can be created from aerodynamic downforce but for a road car which must travel at 75kph as well as 200kph downforce isn't a sensible solution.

So I have previously considered how this plays out with the nismo. On the face of it it probably does. The nismo is track focused, so it trades some of the all weather snow, and low speed capability for nurburgring slaying potential. It's a couple hundred kg lighter but makes more downforce in about the same amount. This is is keeping with the original principle.

The GT3 version is just an amplification of this. It is a racecar so can rely heavily on downforce as it will be operating only at speed, never in snow or on cold tires on a poor B road. So it runs a big rear wing front spliter and diffusers which generate over half a ton of downforce, oh and guess how much less it weighs Oooh 500kg.

Now I'm not saying the original premise is correct I'm simply pointing out that at a basic level this is all consistent.

I would imagine that in launch, snow and the low speed wet conditions the gt3 will be a much greater handful or outright suicide by comparison to the road vehicles. But obviously that is a compromise which is a no brainer on a racecar. Oh I would imagine running slicks further changes things; the massive grip they generate for any given weight is well above road tyresc and may allow further low downforce situations to be overlooked.
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