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Originally Posted by WingedBeast1968 View Post
Little Nismo is right in his original, if long winded, statement.
It's a road car. A multi performance road car. The GT3 is required to spend as much time as possible at or above 100mph. Lack of mass causes instability as the speed increases. Down force gives you grip, but not much in stabilising the car at high speed. That's why racing drivers operate at a different level to all of we wanna be racers. Mass is required for stability. Mizuno San was tasked with creating a stable and fast platform, not just fast. That's easy.

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I agree that mass gives you stability in a straight line at speed but it definately contributesto instability in the corners, you need to change the momentum in corner to a different direction and mass and momentum are propertional.

A car with properly set up downforce will be far more stable in corners as your increasing the friction required to change the momentum but decreasing the mass relative to a heavy non downforce car. (and therefore decreasing absolute momentum)
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