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Originally Posted by mindlessoath View Post
mizuno is not right.

lighter is better. they engineered the car around the weight and it sufferers from alot of things. .. for instance brakes, tires and cooling system.

sure it goes fast but a lighter gtr will go faster, and its components will work longer... eg brakes wont over heat as easily and last longer, cooling system wont over heat so easily, and tires wont wear out as fast.

but nissan found a nitch, a car thats fast in one or two laps give or take depending on track... thats it. thats all it needs for sales.

mizuno is also not the boss man anymore.
Ah. Mizuno wasn't fired for incompetence he is on a health enforced sabbatical.

Though whatnyou say about durability has some merit. A Porsche will lap all day out of the box. A gtr needs some work. But its not a track car out of the box and its a lot cheaper. On the open road this matters a lot less...
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