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Good evening. I have not voted as I drive a Soarer and tyres are car specific.

But I must relate something that may be of relevence to you;

During my ownership of my car I have had 2 front tyre Blow-outs, the first at 110mph (dry, straight road, accelerating) the second at 130mph (damp/wet, start of a curve, braking) each time my car remained stable and drama free and I was able without concern pull over and replace the wheel as the one on the rim had self immolated to save my life.

Each time the tyre has been a Goodyear F1, nothing wrong with the tyre, just bad luck on the road, I am certain that I am alive/undamaged as a result of the construction of this tyre, i have had a few blow-outs (I drive very fast, and maintain my car fanatically), the others have been at lower speeds and much more dramatic (including a Skyline rear blow-out at 100mph, we spun all ovr the damn place, but hit nothing and did no damage other than 1 rim dead) it was running SO-2's.

I am a Fellow of the Institute of Tyre Technology and I sit here puffing my cigar typing thanks to the guys at Goodyear.

The same carcass but with a more opposed top belt design is used in the Fulda Carat Extremo, you guys might find this better than the F1 as it likes 4WD due to the extremely corrective btop belt.

My 2 penn'orth. FWIW
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