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Originally Posted by holly94 View Post
I've recently had my red GT-R stolen from my driveway in the middle of night around 3am the night of Monday the 12th/early morning Tuesday 13th this month.

By the time I've noticed it missing in the morning and called cobra it was too late as the tracker had been either ripped out or the car had been put in a secure unit where it couldn't be detected. I did not know that the cobra system only tracks the cars movements when alerted, not 24/7 and as Cobra were not alerted before it was too late, I now cannot find my car.

As I was not aware of this flaw in the Cobra Tracking System I thought maybe some others would not know of this problem, hence me sharing it here hoping it will help some others maybe decide to put an alternative tracker on the car that tracks movements 24/7. as I wish I had done.
Sorry mate but to call it a flaw is wrong. Firstly there was no need for them to rip the tracker out because they have the fob. The tracker is only alerted and Cobra informed IF the vehicle is moved with no contact to the FOB. There is no reason to track all vehicles in contact with the fob. Why should it? Car is talking to fob. Fob is with owner. Car hasn't been stolen. Alert sent to Cobra when car moves when not in contact with fob ie when its been nicked!

You are in the unfortunate position where they have the car, the fob and the key! Something that no tracking system in the world can save you from until you know its been nicked. In your case when you woke up several hours later to realise it gone. Giving them time to remove it.

Bottom line is keep the fob on your possession ie wallet and this wouldn't have happened. Or at least you would have known it was being nicked when it was being nicked and they could have tracked it.
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