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If it's a TF day at the ring then it's a bit of a lottery what you'll get, traffic / crash etc wise but a great experience nonetheless.
I would strongly recommend doing a few tens - hundred laps on PS Gran Turismo 5 in a similar type of car to give you a good chance to enjoy the track without having to think about the line and which way the exits from bends go. Whilst you don't get an appreciation for the elevation it is an excellent way of familiarising yourself with the direction and even the sort of speeds you can be doing to an extent so you can concentrate on the driving and not get "lost".
The lads and I drive it loads of times forwards and backwards on the PS in prep and for me it was then immediately familiar first time out. Not to say it'll turn you into a ring god just prepare you adequately to enjoy good progress for first time out.. imo.
BTW you can also do SPA, which is easier to remember ;-)
also maybe consider giving RSR a call to get an expert in the car with you. Not expensive.

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