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whpFarmer 4th October 2014 05:45 PM

Upgrade order?

I recently bought a 2010 gt-r with rouglhy 18 000 miles on the clock.

I'm looking at 2012 inlets (or perhaps aftermarket?), catted ams dp's (they're in my garage), catless y-pipe, a tune and lastly intake. Does that sound like a good order of doing things, or should I change something?

I don't mind having a car breathing more freely than 2012 onwards, even though I probably won't tune for every last drop of power. If you know of any good information that describes the order in which upgrades should be made for the r35 or if you provide it yourself, that tip would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers from Sweden!

Caveman 4th October 2014 05:49 PM

Injectors will finish that list off nicely.

whpFarmer 4th October 2014 06:36 PM

If I tune conservatively do I need injectors? Did Nissan change injectors between years? The way I see it, is that I can at least run power levels that Nissan deem relatively safe on the newer models. Haven't ever had a tuned car where I practically followed the car manufacturers recommendation on tuning :-)

I thought perhaps if I "needed" more power I'd go injectors, pumps and e85.

vxrcymru 4th October 2014 08:57 PM

You'll get to 600 ish with that set up, fit injectors to up to 640 ish.

gtr mart 5th October 2014 08:03 PM

I think the injectors bring a margin of safety above 600 hp. If you might run E85 then consider this now as you will need much bigger injectors - that said without forging your rods atleast or fitting bigger turbos you will only be able to get so much power out of your set up.

What you suggest sounds good although if your not going mad for power then panel filter upgrades would do inplace of full inlets and if your doing the downpipes it should help remove some restriction at the top of the rev band anyway.

With the tune, what would you run? Cobb or Ecutek I assume?

gtrsam 6th October 2014 11:43 AM

I assume you already have the catted dp's but many of them have been destroyed after a while since they can't take the heat. It is usually better to use noncatted DP's and have a catted y-pipe with HF catts then you can pass inspection(besiktningen :-)).
GTC have aftermarket inlet pipes for a good price which is bigger then oem 2012+.
Om du inte redan är det regga dig på

grahamc 6th October 2014 11:49 AM


Originally Posted by Caveman (Post 3220001)
Injectors will finish that list off nicely.

+1... standard injectors are close to the limit at this stage, so since you are doing a tune/remap, may as well replace them at the same time.

Stealth69 6th October 2014 01:03 PM

you say, doing things in this order....... so you are going to do all these biits over a course of time and fit them as you get them?

whpFarmer 6th October 2014 08:16 PM

I was thinking of doing dp's, inlet, intakes with cone filters (although if possible get upgraded panel filter since it looks a lot better for the inspection/mot/besiktning), y-pipe and of course the tune in one go.
I've run Cobb for the last 10 years on ohter platforms and I think it suits my needs for the gt-r as well. I'll run a conservative map for the setup, 550-560 crank hp will suffice for now.
Catted downpipes I've never had before on other cars, as they were given to me I'll just stick to them I think. That is, if there's nobody objecting on here. Since they're after the turbos I assume nothing big happens if they break, or?

I'll have to check out gtc for the inlets, sounds good.

So injectors I'll only need for roughly 600 crank hp and onwards?
I thought I'd wait with the injectors and if I wanted to switch over to ethanol I'd do the injectors and pumps. Does this seem reasonable?

Finally thanks for all the responses!

grahamc 6th October 2014 08:19 PM

600 flywheel hp is when injectors are required

gtr mart 6th October 2014 08:30 PM

that seems reasonable to me. I think if you aren't fussed about getting over 600hp then you needn't bother with the DP's either but they give potential to make the top end of your rev band a bit more free revving.

As for the catted performance downpipes, I don't know. When anyone in the UK does the downpipe upgrade they tend to go for catless downpipes and do it mainly for the noise. AMS is a respected brand and I would have zero issue fitting their kit, but what they will be like I don't know. I would give it a go if labour wasn't prohibitive

whpFarmer 6th October 2014 08:50 PM

Ok, seems like consensus to wait with injectors provided I go convervative when tuning.

My neighbour is really into cars, so I can borrow his lift when I want to, as long as I complete the task in a week or two.
I like getting my hands dirty wrenching my cars, so labour is "free". I'll try these downpipes and see how they hold up.

Next step would be injectors, pumps and ethanol. But I'm not sure I'll ever get the urge for E in this car.


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