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Originally Posted by Voyager View Post
its a fine line with the GTR a small amount of Understeer is going to be faster and safer than snap oversteer,
what tyre setup are you running ?
if your much wider at the back than at the front then either reduce rear width or increase front. try get all your braking over and done with before you enter the bend, the GTR is heavier than the porker so asking the tyres to deal with turning/traction and braking will get you an armful of understeer.

cheers fella but its really not minimal understeer, ive actually rolled the tyres where its almost taken the writing off at the top of sidewall. they are mpss and I did possibly wonder if this could be the issue.

tried spacers at rear as running 305s and 275 fronts but made no difference so removed them

ive almost another set of wheels (3 fronts and one rear lol) and was going to try running the oe dunlops as ive heard there a lot better on track, just need to find an odd rear wheel!

doing all the braking on entry then feeding on power to apex then hard on it from there after but that's when the troubles start which means the porker is getting away from me from apex and carrying more corner speed onto the straights which is most aggravating especially when I know the car is more than capable of staying with it if I can carry that extra bit of speed from the apex.

what kind of settings are you guys using that race or do a lot of track stuff?
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