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I have had a few sessions on the GP circuit this year and have significantly reduced my understeer by doing pretty much everything listed thing I wanted to share is how much faster I could go while holding much tighter lines with VDC and standard traction set to off...with it on it just seems to want to push wide all the time...the Front new LSD helps pull out of the corners like a Front wheel drive car as long as you feed it on early and smoothly....IMHO there is a very narrow band with the GTR to keep it in the sweet spot and not understeer...

Originally Posted by pulsarboby View Post
Absolutely spot on fella
Yes my cars fine round the ring but truly bad on the gp circuit, and as you say if you push too hard going in then you will understeer at tightest point coming from apex and carry it through unless you keep left foot braking but that's not really ideal.

Think il give the dunlops a chance first but then if still there will switch to some 888s if you think that irradiates it a bit. Thought the pulsar gtir was bad for understeer but have to say the gtr is worse when it's really provoked but then it is 600kg heavier lol

Oh and I have uprated front and rear arbs already
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