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A few more car questions:)?

Hi there,
I am very pleased with my car just getting used to it

But I have a few questions?
I have noticed that my cars brakes squeal quite loud when im coming to a stop?

They did not do this when I first picked it up, they are also fairly new discs and pads, and I have not really done any hard braking? could it be a buildup of dust?

If I put my car in 1st or reverse, the car will creep forward or backwards without any throttle I take it this is normal? and sometimes will make a slight grind noise until I slightly apply the throttle almost like its got a brake on and needs a few extra revs to move. does that sounds right?

I also have an annoying rattle that happens when my car gets warm and has been ran a while, is sounds like a exhaust clamp is loose when I go over uneven ground it makes a tapping noise like a clamp is hitting my exhaust or similar? has anyone had anything like this?

Also I would like my car to be a bit more deep sounding but not too loud would cat less down pipes be a good option ?

sorry for all the questions

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