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Originally Posted by mindlessoath View Post
mpss probably best bet for the wet.

arnt the dunlops faster than the bridgestones?
Steve is taking the p**s again ref the Bridgestone's. Nissan always use the Dunlop's when testing for official times at the Ring.

I only managed a 9.42 sec lap on MPSS in the very wet, and that was Bridge to Gantry. In the dry on a set of Toyo 888's it is a totally different story and in my opinion, the fastest and safest times for the real Nordschleife. The car has to be set up for these tyres and not just slapped on with standard or 'Track' Nissan settings.

The standard Nismo is not best suited to a good Ring time as the suspension is really stiff and great for a smooth circuit like the Nurburg GP one. The MY14 with the softer more compliant suspension may well be faster than the standard Nismo but no one has officially announced times.

To get a proper GT-R Nismo time you will need to go for the N Attack back A with the full aero and different Ohlin's suspension along with the other bits that it has. Then you might get close to a 7.08 sec lap if you were as good as Michael Krumm or Sebastian Buemi.
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